Deploying Business Applications And Web Portals That Are Efficient, Scalable, And Secure

Technology Services

Utilising contemporary technological frameworks to coordinate operational procedures with corporate goals.

Technology Services

Regardless of its size or scope, we are a group of highly qualified professionals that are prepared to help you with your next project. We would love to collaborate with your team since we have the experience, knowledge, and creativity necessary to bring your idea/project to life.

Technology Advisory

IT Infrastructure Analysis

Companies have changed their working methods to gain a competitive advantage, notably by adopting agile models such as the DevOps methodology. Our infrastructure analysis services help you understand the pain points that your customers, suppliers, and employees face in interacting with your business and creating the desired outcomes.

IT Infrastructure Assessment:

Assessment of your IT infrastructure to identify the following: IT strategy and performance : Data and cloud storage : Hardware and software capabilities : Risk management and compliance; and Workflows and other procedures.

Strategic Infrastructure Modernisation:

Identifying scalable solutions to improve your IT infrastructure while keeping your budget constraints in mind. It also includes looking at your existing IT resources and staff and how to upgrade them to manage your modernised IT infrastructure.

Technology Services
Design and Development

Custom Software Development

Our team of experienced software engineers provide development, testing, integration, and application operations services. APIs deployed by our team allows smooth integration of industry-driven tools with custom enablers used in your business to boost operation performance.


Our application and web solutions are supported by modern technology frameworks that boost performance, improve efficiency, and provide sustainable functionality.


The API integration services we provide improve the operational performance of startups and large enterprises alike.

Technology Services
Design and Development

Custom Portal and Web Development

A broad base of expertise and a business-driven approach distinguish our web design services. We combine advanced technologies with proven processes to eliminate any redundant data, fill gaps, or remove potential overlaps that may exist within your organisation.

eCommerce Optimisation:

A/B Testing - Google Optimisation - Technical SEO - Platform Security Analysis

Corporate Web Portals:

By enabling seamless integration of IT in your operations, you will be able to engage with your customers using the latest cloud technologies. Our IoT Advisory custom Web Portal development will help your business idea succeed and boost performance and profitability.

Technology Services
Cloud Environments

Tech Enablers

Our application and web solutions are supported by modern technology frameworks that boost performance, improve efficiency, and provide sustainable functionality.


Using our expertise in Web Portal development and integration, we can transform any ordinary website application into a cloud-based solution.


To help build a boundaryless business that creates an easy user experience, we combine the passion for innovation, design, and development excellence.

Technology Services
Infrastructure Security - Web Application Security - Cloud Security - Compliance

Security & Compliance

We conduct Patch verification assessments to verify that the security flaws identified in our cloud penetration testing have been properly patched. This test is done during and after our pentest so that your software development team can review the findings, fix any uncovered vulnerabilities, and then we can double check the fixed vulnerabilities. All of those results are included in your final report.


We research and develop solutions to protect business assets such as applications, cloud infrastructure, and supply chain. We help customers find gaps in their security and make recommendations for remediation actions.


Cloud Security provides the infrastructure, information and insight to help you protect your organisation from cloud-specific threats. It allows you to quickly and easily integrate technology actions and threat intelligence into your security operations, helping you reduce operational risk and compliance responsibilities while optimising productivity.

Technology Services
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Align your Business Strategy with your IT Operations

To create better businesses through aligning the overall strategy with modernised IT operations. Using the power of technology to simplify and improve efficiency in operational processes.

Application Security Testing, Protection and Compliance

Web Pen Testing

You can verify if the vulnerabilities have been properly remediated with unlimited patch verification assessments during web penetration testing. A PDF report will be sent to your CTO for review. Your team can reach out to our security analysts if they have any questions.

  • - On-Demand Web Penetration Testing
  • - On-Demand Continuous Penetration Testing
  • - On-Demand Web Security Scanning
  • - On-Demand POPIA Penetration Testing
  • - On-Demand Network Security Assessment